Through ALL of your hard work and charitable contributions, we were able to provide to Benard funds necessary to complete his Christmas vision. The following is an excerpt from Benard: “The Hungry4Him Program took place on 18th December of 2018 at Benard’s Vision School, Ahero. The purpose of the Hungry4Him program was to feed guardian families of the children studying in BVS AHERO with distribution of food. Our goal was to: -Share the joy of festivity as a family -Reach many families -Engage the community” Through the Lords blessings on Hungry 4 Him sponsors and Benards Vision School, we were able to provide that need! God is good, All the time! Thank you all so much. Feeding the Children The following is a note from Benard on feeding the children and familes. We love hearing directly from Benard on this, as it is very good to hear first hand the impact! “The program was a success. We thank the Almighty God. We reached our goal by distributing food to 100 families and we were excited with all the help we got to make it a success. That is from the finance part to the services provided of feeding them., not forgetting, we received an overwhelming positive feedback from both the children and the guardians of how the program was beneficial and blissful to them. The gesture was very well received. This program involved the families/caregivers of the BVS children in a unique and generous way. Food was shared to many families and in abundance. There is capacity for more families and this program will continue as it has been every year.” Everyone, this is what Hungry 4 Him is about. Taking care of these children. Feeding them. Clothing them. Providing education for them. Thank you, thank you. Jesus’ light is shining bright here. Building Foundations Benards son, Abraham got married in December, 2018. Marriage is such a beautiful gift from God! May we all join together and pray for a long future ahead of them with their new marriage. Abraham has a strong heart for children and a passion for teaching. Donors Contributions At Work Benard and Pamela has made a special note to all of the contributors and donors: “With the experience from this year, Hungry4Him program indicates the following to be necessary for the next one; •Early deployment of funds •Reaching even more families. We want to thank our sponsors of Hungry4Him Ministries for their support in finance and their service of the lord towards our children and their families. May God bless you abundantly. By Directors Benard & Pamela Ondiek” In His Name Alone, Hungry 4 Him Adam Cascio Board Member Hungry 4 Him Ministries