Building updates

We are excited to see all the changes going on and the provision for larger projects that are always on-going. Below is a summary of the current buildings that are under construction or were recently completed, thanks to our partner ministries.

1. The teachers housing building was recently completed and six of the staff moved in approx two months ago. This provides free housing on school campus for them and their families. They are now also able to work more with the children after “normal” school hours are over since they do not have to travel long distances.

2. One of the new two-story classroom/administrative buildings is almost completed but already in use!

3. A much-needed clinic is under construction at one of our sites in a village where there is no medical care available. Many people die in these areas of things that could be prevented if they had access to doctors or medicines of any kind. Join us in praying for the Lord to provide the rest of the funds needed to complete this project. It will service the children at the schools but also the greater community.

If you are not a partner with Hungry4HIM Ministry yet we would love for you to become one! Visit our Partner With Us page to learn more.