Looking Back & Forward – March 2, 2020 – Newsletter

Reflecting back on my time in Kenya, I have seen the Lord moved in the administration of the schools, the teachers, and the children at Benard’s Vision School. These children do have such a hard life, and are hungry, in addition, have many needs (food, shelter, clothing, books, etc.), but in other ways they are thriving and growing spiritually. Sponsors and Board members of Hungry4Him give us opportunities to impact these children in many ways, since we are their voice.  So if you are someone who sponsors the children or just contributes to Hungry4Him please know that every penny does count to do amazing things for the orphans of Kenya. 

The schools are very much thriving and the children just passed their exams and did very well on all their tests.  Psalms 118:25 Oh God save us, God grant us success,” was the prayer of the students of Benard’s Vision School for this year.   The graduating class would of course like to go on to high school but most only go through 8th grade because they have no money to pursue their studies.  Most will need a sponsor to help them go to high school, and that is why a high school on the grounds of Benard’s Vision School is a symbol of hope for those children.  Seeing the high school being built little by little brings much joy to those children. A completed high school would be an answer to prayer since the know the only answer out of the poverty they live in everyday is an education.  

We as a board are grateful to the Lord and to those who sponsor the children and support Hungry4Him, we make a difference in the lives of the orphan children in Kenya.

Barb Roithner

Hungry4Him Board Member