New ventures

It has been so neat to see all of what God has provided this past month! We give him all the glory and credit for allowing these things to progress. Two of our projects that we have had in the planning stages have solidified and plans/funding have come together. We are beginning to move forward with them in hopes of it being a major game changer for those involved.

Moringa Agriculture project
Funding has come in for property that is owned at one of the school locations to be fenced and the Moringa tree project to be planted. The vision is that the leaves will be harvested and mixed in with the children’s food at the school (and eventually others in the community) to meet all of their nutritional deficiencies. These tree leaves contain everything the human body needs in a couple tablespoons per day in areas where malnutrition is common. You can check out more information on Moringa trees and it’s uses at Thanks to their team providing us with a lot of research and great data!

Clean Water project
We have been blessed to get connected with a group who specializes in installing water filtration systems on existing wells in areas where clean water is not available. Our staff members plan on meeting to start this project. Once operational they will provide purified water for all the children/staff at the location. Extra water can be bottled and sold in the local markets to generate some additional revenue for sustainability efforts.