Newsletter November 22, 2020

 Dear Hungry 4 Him family and co workers in Christ,

  We at H4H all hope and pray that you are all well in what has been a trying and difficult 2020 year. We wish to take a few moments and reflect and pray over the needs of our ministry, our supporters, and for this country as a nation.

  We praise you our Lord and Saviour for your grace and providing through these troubling, uncertain times. May your mercy, protection, presence, and divine guidance continue to be upon us. May our faith NOT waver, but GROW amidst this pandemic, national unrest, political turmoil, economic struggles, natural disasters, and the evil that seems to be spreading throughout our nation. May we all remain Strong and Faithful to your calling upon our Lives. 

  We thank you for YOUR prevailing will over all this.In Jesus’ name we pray.

  On behalf of the Hungry 4 Him Board we wish to thank each one of our supporters for your commitment, faithfulness, support, and your many, many prayers over the years. Together we have provided for so many needs of our brothers and sisters  in Kenya. From buying land, building classrooms, providing teaching supplies, clean water, healthy food, paying teachers, and teaching and showing the Love of Jesus to children who are in need and hungry for Him.

   May His glorious peace and presence be abundant in all your lives.

   In Christ,

   Jeff Meyer

  On behalf of our entire H4H board