Most children in the U.S. don’t experience losing loved ones until they are older. They see life through rose colored glasses and enjoy the ease of being a kid. Life in the villages and towns of Kenya is different. The children there experience loss from the time they are born. It is all around them. And some of them are touched by it far too many times.

Meet Stacy. This beautiful girl has been at this school since it began in 2004. Her huge smile and shining eyes light up a room! She is full of joy and peace and knows Jesus is her Savior. But her life has been far from easy. Stacy’s dad passed away when she was very young, followed by her mother. She went to live with an aunt and uncle, both of whom also passed away. She then moved in with another uncle and he died as well. Finally, she moved in with her grandparents. The grandparents began arguing, could not get along, so they separated. While apart the grandfather sold the family land, Stacy’s only inheritance, out of anger at his wife.

In the meantime, the counselor and director of the orphan school decided Stacy did not need to be in the middle of these arguments and offered her a place to live on campus. She now is surrounded by a huge family of people who love and care for her and she feels safe.

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