What Is Orphan Care All About?

Alone. Brokenhearted. Betrayed. Abandoned. Outcast. Desperate.

There are children around the world crying out for help. Many of these children do not have somewhere to call “home”. They don’t know when they will eat there next meal or where it will come from. This broken world took their mom and dad from them far too soon and they are left to fend for themselves.

In the midst of the desperation are people who are willing to step in and make a difference. Pastors who bring these hungry, tired and lonely children into their homes for a meal. Families who welcome them to belong. Strangers half a world away who offer to feed and clothe them. This is orphan care. These children who have been tossed out by society are children of God, the same as you and I. They deserve to be loved and cared for and Jesus has called us to this.

Through Hungry 4 Him’s sponsorship program YOU can care for orphans. You can provide a child’s next meal, a uniform for school, and an education from teachers who love them. More importantly, though, you will ensure that a child hears about Jesus Christ and the love and salvation He offers. A little girl who lives in the worst of conditions with nothing to her name will hear that HER name is written on her Savior’s hand. A little boy who sees no hope for the future will learn that Jesus gives us hope for tomorrow.