What’s Different?

An orphan in Kenya is a child who either has only one parent or both parents are gone. Many of the children we support still live at home with their mother or father but are still considered orphans. The schools Hungry 4 Him currently works with in Ahero and Wachara, Kenya are not orphanages. They are orphan day schools. Pastor Benard, who founded these schools, believes children are better off in a home environment. When a child loses both parents Pastor Benard and the school leaders work to find a family or guardian for the child. The children continue to learn responsibility in their homes as well as receive an education, hot meals and fellowship with other children at school.

Dorms are now present at the Ahero campus because it has become too dangerous for girls to walk long distances to and from school each day. They stay in the dorms and go home sometimes on the weekend and during holidays. Unfortunately as the danger increases so does the number of students who need on-campus housing. This puts even more urgency on the need for child sponsors since it raises the cost of living for these girls, especially.

You can make a difference! A $25 monthly donation feeds a child and assists in providing quality education as well as housing when necessary. 100% of sponsorship gifts goes directly to the children by way of food, teacher salaries, uniforms, paying house moms, and so much more!