Why We Do What We Do

People often ask why we are doing this….feeding children who are half a world away.  Some days I wonder the same thing.  But then I remember my trip in 2004 where  I saw children, young children, who didn’t know when they would eat again.  Toddlers who sometimes didn’t eat anything the whole day.  Mamas giving their only crumbs of food to their little ones.  My heart was broken. Permanently broken.  We saw a need and prayed for a way to meet it.  We know God’s heart is for the fatherless and His heart breaks just like ours.  Over the past ten years we have cried, prayed, struggled and rejoiced as we have watched Him provide for these little ones, HIS children.  So, why do we reach our arms to the other side of the world?  Because these children are God’s children and we are called to love them.  Some days that looks like meeting physical needs.  Other days the best we can do is pray for God to send more laborers to rise to the challenge of giving of what they have to the “least of these”.

Written by Sarah Bothwell