Kenya travel

Dear Hungry4HIM family,
As our director and a board member head to Kenya this month we have got a lot going on! We will be visiting with the staff/students/guardian families at the orphan schools, doing water project work in the community, and doing some professional filming. Last minute we were fortunate to have an accomplished film producer jump on board to also head over to Kenya and meet our staff. He will be getting content for our ministry to start producing some better quality videos to share with all of you! This is something we have always wanted to do from a film standpoint but never had the means until now.

We will have a lot more updates when we return from Kenya later in April that we look foward to sharing! God Bless and look forward to communicating back to you what all He does.

In Christ
The Hungry4HIM team

Spring Update!

Dear Hungry4HIM family,
We pray that all of you are having a blessed week filled with peace no matter what the circumstances. Without all of you praying and supporting this ministry we would not be able to help meet not only physical needs but share the love of Christ to the fatherless of the world! We continually feel honored to be a part of this in whatever capacity.

Update on the Children
The national school strike has resided and most schools public/private are functioning normally at this time for which we praise God! All the children have begun a new school year in Kenya and we are excited to get back over and see them all! Pray for those who graduated from the programs that they would take the word of the Lord that was taught and apply it to the rest of their lives. Also continue to pray for the current staff that continues to teach/minister to these kids even though they might have higher paying opportunities elsewhere.

Water Project Updates

Had a great time in Kansas City meeting with some dedicated folks from Agua Viva International and Water with Blessings about implementing large and small scale water filter systems in Kenya! Over 24,000 children under the age of 5 die every day due to water born diseases. Excited to implement these this year at our partner school locations and communities!

School Starts

Dear Hungry4HIM family,

We are excited as we enter the new year on what plans God has for us in the ministry! At this time the children at our partner schools in Western Kenya are starting up what is their new calendar school year. There will be new incoming children to the program and saying good-bye to those who graduated out of it last December. It is a time of a lot of transition and moving parts. Pray for wisdom of the Kenyan leaders on the ground as they make difficult decisions.

At this time contracts are re-negotiated with the teachers and staff at the schools. It is always difficult especially in Kenya to keep good teachers for little pay as the government schools are competitive. Many of the teachers at the orphan schools are not there for the money but have a heart for the children. Please pray for the staff who willingly give of themselves each year to keep this ministry going!

New Year

As we enter another New Year we are reminded of why we do what we do! It is so simple yet we tend to miss the basics sometimes. James 1:27 says – Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Year End Reflections

Dear Hungry4HIM family,
As we finish out the year and enter this holiday season we are truly grateful for all that we have seen this year. Our organization has gone through many positive changes. We welcomed our first staff members, improved the structure of the organization, increased the amount of communication with our partners in Kenya and are transitioning from a working board to one that oversees. We are thankful for all of our supporters and advocates who partner with us to make it possible. We know that the Lord wants to continue to use the Hungry4HIM family to do great things in the coming year. We are hanging on for the ride and look forward to seeing what He is going to do!

New Year Prayers
1. For clear vision and direction in setting yearly goals/projects that will meet physical needs but also minister to the hearts of the fatherless.
2. Pray blessings on the oldest children who graduate this month from our partner schools in Kenya. That their lives would have been changed by the education/care they received and will live their days with the Lord in their hearts.
3. Clear guidance for our Kenyan partners as they choose which young children to accept when the new school year starts back up in January. There are so many in the area and they must make some difficult choices in the selection process.

God Bless,
The Hungry4HIM family

What Orphan Crisis?

The facts of Africa’s 53 million and counting orphan crisis are horrifying. The total number of orphans is greater than the number of children in Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, and Denmark combined. This number continues to grow at a rate of about 2.1 million orphans per year.
In Kenya alone there are approximately 2.4 million orphans with more than 700 new ones every day! You play a small part in being Christ’s hands and feet in this world today by partnering with us to change a real child’s life!

School in session

Testing Update
Please pray for the children in our partner schools as they study hard for their national exams in October. These are held yearly and determine what level of secondary school they qualify to get into. This is very significant in the child’s future after having worked so hard in primary school. Every year they test very high and rank among the best in both public and private school rankings.

New ventures

It has been so neat to see all of what God has provided this past month! We give him all the glory and credit for allowing these things to progress. Two of our projects that we have had in the planning stages have solidified and plans/funding have come together. We are beginning to move forward with them in hopes of it being a major game changer for those involved.

Moringa Agriculture project
Funding has come in for property that is owned at one of the school locations to be fenced and the Moringa tree project to be planted. The vision is that the leaves will be harvested and mixed in with the children’s food at the school (and eventually others in the community) to meet all of their nutritional deficiencies. These tree leaves contain everything the human body needs in a couple tablespoons per day in areas where malnutrition is common. You can check out more information on Moringa trees and it’s uses at Thanks to their team providing us with a lot of research and great data!

Clean Water project
We have been blessed to get connected with a group who specializes in installing water filtration systems on existing wells in areas where clean water is not available. Our staff members plan on meeting to start this project. Once operational they will provide purified water for all the children/staff at the location. Extra water can be bottled and sold in the local markets to generate some additional revenue for sustainability efforts.